About SUNutrition

Hi, my name is Sami Holmes (formerly Ulanski), founder of SUNutrition!

Cliché or not, I am a firm believer that everything truly does happen for a reason. Every success, trial + tribulation, and event that occurs will ultimately lead you to where you are meant to be.

Creating SUNutrition didn’t happen overnight nor was it an easy decision. But I took a leap of faith in July of 2017 because I knew I wanted to pursue a career that’s full of purpose and passion.

A little background on me – I have my Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist Certification, and Weight Loss Specialist Certification, as well as experience in amateur and professional bikini competitions, crafting meal plans collegiate and professional level baseball players at a local training facility in South Carolina, and in-person personal training as a Performance Coach and Results Coordinator.

It’s honestly hard to sum up the intentions and purposes that I have with SUNutrition because I want and hope to accomplish SO many things:


  • Create a healthier, balanced lifestyle that works for each individual person – because we’re all unique so we all have a different meaning of being “healthy”

  • Through my recipes, prove that eating “healthy” doesn’t have to be bland, restrictive, or boring

  • Promote awareness on the value that lies in prioritizing our health and the impact that nutrition can have on our mood, energy levels, ability to prevent medical conditions, and well-being

  • Encourage others to WANT to make small changes that can improve the quality and longevity of their lives

  • Develop and instill enjoyable, sustainable habits

  • Demonstrate through example that it’s possible to travel, “treat yo-self” without feeling guilty, have flexibility with workouts, hang out with your loved ones, and enjoy life without sacrificing your health. And without putting such a big emphasis on eating and working out that you miss out on quality time and experiences (because I’ve been there, done that, and won’t ever let that happen again)

  • Illustrate the importance of listening to our bodies through my own experiences with stress, over-exercising, and hormonal imbalances

  • Help people break free from “diets”, cycles of restricting & binging, under-eating, and finally establish a healthy relationship with food

  • Overcome any mental struggles, blocks, or disordered eating by thoroughly explaining and teaching about individual needs and physiological requirements

  • Provide clear, educational content that people can incorporate into their daily lives

  • Show that eating “healthy” doesn’t have to be complicated, confusing, time-consuming, or stressful


I want to simplify nutrition.

I want to h e l p.

I want to serve others as I serve God. “You cannot serve both God and money”. My business was founded on the aspect of service and helping others to the best of my ability; it will never be focused or driven by financial means. ​There aren't many people that have the luxury of loving their job - not a day goes by that I am not grateful for this opportunity. I intend to put my business towards a greater purpose; helping others improve their quality of life.

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