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#1 Reason Why Most People Fail

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Raise your hand if you’ve set a goal and it didn’t happen.

You wanted to do something, set your mind to that, told yourself no funny business, you’d be serious this time, and nothing would stop you from reaching the goal in mind. But then somewhere along the way something happened and you fell off track. Inexplicably the goal you had in mind didn’t happen.

I see that all too often with health, weight loss, and body composition goals. Some has a burning desire to lose that last 10-15 pounds. They're ready to buckle down and get serious about their nutrition, but then it just doesn’t happen.

Does that baffle you as much as it does me? Because to me, it’s absolutely mind boggling.

If a person hires a coach, purchases some sort of meal plan or program, stocks up on nutritious foods, but doesn’t still doesn’t stick to it… Why? Despite the determination, proactive steps towards their goal, and money spent, something has to be missing - but what?

Why commit, tell yourself you will accomplish that feat, spend (AKA waste) the money, but not follow through with it? Especially when it’s something you wanted AND that you'll benefit from.

I’ll tell you why.

People think getting to the gym is hard. That takes commitment and dedication. Yes, but nutrition is the true hard part. With the gym, you just drive there, show up, and walk in. Especially if it’s group fitness, boot camp style, or class driven gym. You and the members around you simply follow instructions, do as you’re told, and try your best to make it through the workout.

Nutrition though, that’s really falls on you.

There aren’t group meal prepping classes (although maybe there should be) as there are group fitness classes. There isn’t a nutrition professional physically in your kitchen telling you “hey you should probably be meal prepping” or tagging along to the grocery store watching you like a hawk as trainers in the gym do.

The gym is an escape for a lot of people. It’s a place where they can turn their brains off, push their limits, find some stress-relief, and spend quality time working on themselves.

As soon as you step foot out of the gym, you don’t think much about it until the next time you need to go.

Nutrition is 24/7. Conscious, thoughtful decisions need to consistently be made until eating well becomes a habit. It’s easy to turn to a quick, cheap option at a drive through. It’s easy to grab a convenient meal at a nearby restaurant. It’s really easy to find some comfort food to help deal with stress, a bad day at work, a breakup, or whatever it may be.

It’s all too easy to make those choices and seemingly too hard to break those habits.

Why are fad diets so popular?

People want to reach their goals yet can’t or don’t want to stick to something long enough to see progress (even though progress is what will motivate them to continue). The concept of making healthy lifestyle changes and creating balanced eating habits is vague. But fad diets are straight forward. There are exact “do’s and don’ts” for keto, paleo, you name it.

Fad diets are marketed as seeing QUICK, FAST, EASY results! Honestly though, if it were that easy, obesity would not be a global epidemic.

Fad diets just add to the unhealthy relationship with food that so many Americans struggle with. Foods are very clearly labeled as bad, off limits, or a big fat no-no with fad diets which leads to restriction, binging, and then being overcome by guilt.

If fad diets won’t work, what will?

Small, consistent changes over time that work for you and your lifestyle. This requires trial and error. I know, it’s not simple and straightforward like trendy diets. That’s why people don’t want to take this route. But the thing is, this is the route that will last!

Fad diets only bring you to a dead end. Once the 6 week diet, 30-day cleanse, or fad is old news, then what? What’re you supposed to do after that?

Most people slip back into old habits and reach or even exceed their pre-diet weight. Why? Because real changes weren’t made and they were simply following some overhyped, evidence-lacking diet craze. They didn't learn anything about proper nutrition.

Although working to find balance and adopt healthier habits isn't easy, it doesn't lead to a dead end. It’s a constant learning process where there's ALWAYS room to progress, improve, and get better in one way or another. If you want to actually make your weight loss stick, create healthier habits, and improve your quality of life, you don’t want to start on a road that only leads to a dead end.

“But this way is hard” Yes well LIFE is hard. Nutrition is hard. Choosing to eat better day after day regardless of how your life is going is extremely hard. Success is hard. Quitting is easy.

Getting from Point A to Point B

Instant gratification happens left and right in today’s society but when it comes to our bodies, we were not designed to be changed instantly (no matter how badly we wish we were).

The hard way will get you the body you want, return the confidence you’ve lost, and get the skinny jeans in the back of your closet to become your normal, everyday jeans.

The easy way has more appeal, I understand. If you can get from point A to point B in less time and with less effort, why not try it? But trust me when I tell you that human bodies don’t work that way.

Our bodies have a natural body weight that we consistently go back to (think of quitting a fad diet and returning to the starting weight). This is called the set point theory; it’s like a natural equilibrium for our body weight. Establishing a new set point that our body will naturally hover around takes YEARS to do (I know, that’s not what you want to hear). For instance, I usually weigh between 140-145 pounds. This year, I have consistently been in the mid 130’s. I don’t weigh myself regularly so when I first saw that, I thought it was a fluke. Spoiler alert: it’s not.

Do you want to change your natural body weight?

Create healthy habits that make you happy. I found what works for me. Personally, I stopped competing (which calls for drastic changes in body composition – similar to weight spikes and drops with fad diets, that’s what my body underwent with years of competing). With competing, I used to fret over every choice I made; would it push me further from my goals, make me fat, not fit into the whole “healthy lifestyle” image?

That’s not a healthy way to live.

I sought to find realistic, balanced habits that were actually sustainable. With these habits, I can reach whatever goal I have set while being so HAPPY in the process that it doesn’t even feel like work. I can still travel, go out to eat for date night, switch up my gym routine, work long hours, indulge in sour gummy bears (my favorite), and overall enjoy life without second-guessing or worrying about the whole nutrition aspect.

Nutrition and the gym are a major part of my life but they no longer control my life. Isn't that the kind of life you want to create for yourself?

Having sustainable habits and being consistent with nutrition, exercise, and mindset allows for wiggle room when life happens. Because when life happens, it’s easy to make excuses and I’m well aware of the endless excuses that are available.

“I don’t have time"

"I have kids"

"It’s too expensive"

"It tastes bad"

"I don’t like cooking"

"I don’t want to log my food"

"It’s bland"

"My family won’t eat that"

"I’m always on the go"

"I can’t give up going out to eat"

"I don’t want to be restricted"

"Where do I even start??"

"I can’t stick to that"

"I like sweets too much"

"I’m lost when it comes to meal prepping"

"Calories and macros are too confusing”

I could go on and on. I’ve been there myself so believe me when I say we all start somewhere. It certainly is overwhelming which is why I wanted to create a comprehensive reference that simplifies the confusing, complicated parts of nutrition for you and shows how straightforward and doable healthy eating is. I translated this idea (and much more) into the Principles of SUNutrition eBook.

  • Don't have time? Please find a new excuse because it's not about time, it's about priorities.

  • Kids? Set a good example for your kids. Show them that eating healthy isn’t all that bad with the kid-friendly recipes in this book.

  • Expensive? Not necessarily, I have a blog with tips on how to save money on groceries!

  • Does it really taste bad?? Or does it just taste bad because you tell yourself healthy food is gross?

  • Is the kitchen like a foreign language to you? Do you not like cooking? Well it’s not everyone’s forte; sometimes we have to do things we don't like honestly which is why I break it down step by step in meal prep 101. Plus cooking is a valuable skill and who knows, it may grow on you!

  • Don’t want to log your food? You don't have to because I don't blame you! It’s stressful and obsessive in my opinion. Which is why there’s sample meal plans to show you what can similarly be made for you.

  • It’s bland and gross. Not if you choose the right seasonings and recipes. If I thought my food was tasteless, I sure wouldn’t eat it! Learn how to be innovative and spice up your meals.

  • Your family won't eat it, right? I was a picky eater growing up so I do understand. But there are so many healthy versions of recipes out there, try one out without telling your family it's "healthy"!

  • You don’t have to give up going out to eat. Most places have the nutrition information of their menu online now and my eBook does the work for you; it has the healthiest options available at over 50 restaurants.

  • You should not give up your favorite foods or feel deprived. That's not healthy! What if I said you could devour a treat meal every week? Learn about how to eat pizza and brownies yet still reach your goals in finding balance.

  • What’s good, what’s bad, can I have carbohydrates, how much protein? It’s too confusing. Everything you want to know and then some in the calories + macronutrients sections (seriously you’ll feel like a macro pro at the end of it).

  • "I can't stick to that" - think of it as a lifestyle, not a temporary diet!

  • Sweet tooth? Same. There’s recipes to take care of that.

I’m not saying that this eBook is a “be all, end all” and once you buy it all of your problems will be resolved. If it was that cut and dry, the fitness and nutrition industry would be virtually non-existent. It’s still going to take work.

But now the guesswork is replaced by guidance and direction. I’ll walk you through how to make small changes, understand nutrition, and apply it to your daily life.

Through this, you can create your own healthy lifestyle minus the rocket science, restriction, cravings, and binges.

“Each one of us can make a difference. But together, we can make change.” Instead of a person, think of “each one of us” as a small, healthy change. One small change (like swapping soda for a healthier choice like Zevia or other alternatives) will make a difference. But combine several swaps and exchanges, and you can profoundly impact your health and happiness.

Think of simple, realistic modifications that you can make. With those in mind, reread that quote. Now take that first step, define a minor swap, put it into action, generate more small tweaks, and let the momentum from the domino effect of small changes completely transform your life.

Changing your life is realistic. You can do it. I can show you how, give you the tools, and help you find the puzzle piece you didn't even know you were missing. You just need to take that leap of faith and prove yourself wrong.

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