Contact Sami to discuss payment plan options:

  • $70 per month
  • $35 bi-weekly
  • $17.50 per week

6 Month Meal Plan

  • This meal plan is perfect for someone with larger, long-term physical, fitness, or mental goals. Whether it be 30+ lbs. of weight loss, creating a whole new set of healthy lifestyle habits, or overcoming a mental roadblock with food, finding balance, or overcoming an eating disorder, it is achievable with the 6 month plan.


    There is plenty of time to work together, set and reach multiple goals, and develop different approaches to leading a healthy lifestyle to see what is most enjoyable and attainable for each individual client.

    • Work 1 on 1 to reach your goals with unlimited coaching and consulting
    • Specific daily calorie intake based off your age, height, weight, & activity level
    • Custom range of macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein)
    • Descriptive breakdown of WHY your body needs to meet these specific calorie and macro ranges
    • Buit around your food preferences and daily work/school schedule
    • You choose the meal plan approach: "Macro" Own Meal Plan, original meal plan, or a combination of both
    • The # of meals per day is completely up to you and can change at any time throughout the 6 months
    • 4 different options per meal along with "on-the-go" options if needed giving the freedom to switch up meals weekly or even daily
    • UNLIMITED meal plan updates
    • Meal Prep 101: utensils, storage, time saving tips, seasonings, measurements, and more
    • Supplement Reference Guide: sheds light on dietary supplements, how they are or aren’t beneficial, foods that naturally contain the most commonly purchased vitamins, and examples of some supplement brands and products that I trust
    • Phone call, texting, FaceTime availability upon request at anytime
    • Focused on creating an enjoyable, balanced, and attainable way of eating and developing lasting lifestyle habits
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