Simply Understand Nutrition: Exclusive Edition

  • Anyone and everyone! Regardless of goals, experience level, or knowledge, this is the ideal reference for all things nutrition.


    If you're interested in nutrition but aren't exactly sure where to begin, feel lost, need to shake up your current nutrition routine, are looking to learn about how food functions in your body, learn the truth about certain fad diets and nutrition concepts, explore new recipes and ways to meal prep, or want to go about your eating habits with full confidence, then this eBook is what you need.


    Maybe you're wanting to in a custom meal plan? But you're unsure about making the commitment, wondering if it'd be feasible or enjoyable, or overall are just unsure - the sample meal plans in here are made specifically for you!


    While being simple and easy-to-understand, this is an extremely descriptive reference covering the basic fundamentals and principles of nutrition and health while offering a great deal of insight in how to ditch fad diets once and for all and find long-term success.

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