Macro Own Meal Plan

  • The most flexible option available; a healthy mix of tracking your macros and making your own meal plan


    • If traditional meal plans just aren’t for you
    • If you want to track and learn more about your macros
    • If you want a better understanding of what your body needs
    • If you currently track your macros but want to feel more confident in doing so with specific, individualized macro ranges to aim for
    • If you want nutritional guidance without having to sacrifice creativity and flexibility


    Total calories matter. Macros matter.


    Recommendations for carbohydrates for instance can vary from 35-70% of total daily calories. For a person eating 1,800 calories per day, that would be 158-315g of carbohydrates per day – that’s a drastic range. How do you know where to eat in that range?


    The exact percentage of macros are different for everyone. So while you may be able to figure out your calories or a vague macro range, it's still hard to feel confident in knowing what route will work best for you. That’s what I’m here for.


    With this plan:

    • You can incorporate foods, meals, & restaurants that you love
    • You’ll get a feel for what and how much YOU need to be eating and learn about macros without feeling like you’re on a “plan”
    • It provides structure, yet allows room for more variety, flexibility, & creativity making it realistic and sustainable in the long run
    • All while having the freedom to switch it up as much as you want
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