One Time Meal Plan

  • This meal plan is for someone who has hit a plateau, wants to change up their current routine, or who has a general idea of what they need to be eating but are unsure of exact amounts, types of food, and timing.


    The One Time Meal Plan is great for those needing more structure and guidance so they can go about their eating with confidence while reaching their goals.

    • Specific daily calorie intake based off your age, height, weight, & activity level
    • Custom range of macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein)
    • Descriptive breakdown of WHY your body needs to meet these specific calorie and macro ranges
    • Adapted to your goal (weight loss - maintenance - gain lean muscle)
    • Built entirely around your food preferences and daily schedule
    • You choose 3, 4, 5, or 6 meals and snacks per day
    • 4 different options per meal with "on-the-go" meal alternatives if needed
    • Meal Prep 101: utensils, storage, time saving tips, seasonings, measurements, and more
    • Supplement Reference Guide: sheds light on dietary supplements, how they are or aren’t beneficial, foods that naturally contain the most commonly purchased vitamins, and examples of some supplement brands and products that I trust
    • Focused on creating an enjoyable, balanced, and attainable way of eating
    • 50% off all updated One Time Meal Plans in the future (this is a lifetime offer, just email me for the private discount code)
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