$60 per month (# of months varies on the individual; typically 2-5 depending on consistency and commitment levels)

Reverse Diet

  • This meal plan is for someone who is consistently not eating enough calories each day. How do you know if you're not eating enough? Here are common causes and symptoms of caloric deficiency:


    • Feeling restricted and/or deprived when it comes to food
    • You have been in a long-term caloric-deficit
    • You know you regularly do not eat enough food
    • If you are eating less than 1,200 calories per day for women and 1,600 calories per day for men
    • Experiencing hunger pains, cravings, and little energy throughout the day
    • Little to no physical progress or you've reached a plateau
    • Subject to crash and fad diets
    • Are unhappy and unsatisfied with your current eating habits
    • Involved in weight-focused sports (body building competitions, wrestling, gymnastics, etc)




    - Descriptive breakdown of your body's caloric + macronutrient (carbs, fat, protein) needs

    - Weekly accountability and progress check-ins
    - Unlimited adjustments to meal plan throughout the month

    - Slow, calculated caloric increases based on the food you were previously eating and how you are feeling

    - Mental coaching to break away from the "dieting" mindset
    - Decreased fatigue, hunger, and cravings
    - Improved mood and energy levels
    - 4 options per meal with on-the-go alternatives
    - Built around your food preferences and daily schedule
    - Focused on creating a enjoyable, balanced, and attainable way of eating

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