Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Everyone loves a good pizza. So why not take our favorite foods and try to make them healthier?


•• When you tweak a recipe and substitute ingredients, it won’t always taste exactly like what you’re used to. I always tell myself that a slightly different flavor/texture/etc is one price to pay if it means the dish is better for me. Plus you may surprise yourself and start to acquire a taste for the healthier versions. ••


Grant and I made this pizza for him and my dad. There weren’t any leftovers so I’d say it was a hit!








- 2 lb cauliflower florets (riced)

- 1 egg (beaten)

- 1 tsp dried oregano

- Pinch of salt

- Optional: 1/3 C soft goat cheese

* We didn’t have goat cheese so we didn’t use it and it turned out fine.




1.) Preheat oven to 400

2.) In a food processor, pulse chunks of cauliflower florets until rice-like consistency is achieved (my food processor broke so we actually used a hand held cheese grater, it works just fine, it just takes a LOT longer)

3.) In a large pot, boil about 1 inch of water

4.) Add riced cauliflower

5.) Cover and cook for 4-5 min

6.) Remove cauliflower from heat and strain

7.) IMPORTANT - pour strained cauliflower onto a thin dish towel. Wrap and twist the towel to squeeze ALL of the excess water out of the cauliflower. Continue until as much water as possible is squeezed out.

8.) Transfer to bowl. Add the beaten egg, spices, goat cheese (optional) and mix VERY WELL

9.) Line a baking sheet/pizza pan with either parchment paper or olive oil spray & press the dough evenly onto the sheet

10.) Bake for about 20 min or until the edges are golden brown

11.) Add toppings

12.) Bake for an additional 5-10 minutes







- 6 oz. tomato paste

- 3/4 C hot water

- 1 1/2 tsp minced garlic

- 1 tsp brown sugar

- 3/4 tsp onion powder

- 1/2 tsp oregano

- 1/2 tsp basil

- 1/4 tsp Italian seasoning

- 1/4 tsp red wine vinegar

- Black pepper (I eyeballed it)

- Optional: crushed red pepper flakes




1.) Add tomato paste to a bowl

2.) Stir in hot water

3.) While continuously stirring, one at a time add the spices + remaining ingredients

4.) Cover and let sit for 30 mins to let the flavor set in




We used the homemade sauce, lean ground turkey, sautéed peppers, diced tomatoes, topped with Parmesan cheese, & fresh chunked avocado (added after baking)




• Grilled chicken

• Turkey bacon

• Jalepenos, banana peppers, any other peppers

• Onions

• Mushrooms

• Pineapple

• Salsa for sauce

• Thin layer of BBQ for sauce

• Zuchinni

• Spinach

• Broccoli


Bon Appétit!

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